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Your Partner in Personalized Wealth Management

An Approach Designed With Your Financial Goals in Mind

At Chesley, Taft & Associates, we recognize that your investment needs and goals are unique. You need trusted financial advice that’s agile enough to guide you through life’s many changes but also grounded in decades of proven experience. Since 2001, we’ve focused on building long-term client relationships, working with select individual investors, families, and their related interests, including trusts, charitable foundations, retirement plans, and business accounts. No matter your investing goals, we have a breadth of knowledge and resources to help you achieve them with confidence.

Expanding the Team: Exciting Changes at Chesley Taft
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Investment Management

We pride ourselves on the deep personal relationships that our portfolio managers build with their clients. Your portfolio manager partners with you on each step of the journey. This enables them to design a dynamic, customized investment strategy for you based on your personal goals and needs and adapt the strategy when your circumstances or financial conditions change.

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Financial Planning

No matter how you came to be in control of your wealth, we will work with you to manage, grow, and preserve it. Our consultative approach begins with a deep experience in asset management and is rooted in an understanding of the importance of generational wealth, all with the goal of providing you peace of mind.


Meet Your Team

Averaging more than 35 years of experience, our portfolio managers combine their broad knowledge of market cycles and investment trends with diverse points of view and expertise. Likewise, our client support team leverages their extensive industry understanding to meet clients’ needs. The result is a personalized and unique approach where our best ideas rise to the top.

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