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Investment Management

An Individualized Approach

Our investment culture is based on two pillars--individual relationships between clients and portfolio managers; and the collaboration of seasoned professionals. While your portfolio is customized for you by your portfolio manager, we have a strong culture of collaboration so you also benefit from the collective experience of our team. Our investment professional members bring a wealth of varied investment experience to the portfolios they build and manage. Through our expert guidance and commitment to your financial well-being, we will design an investment strategy driven by your individual goals and needs. We will work seamlessly with any other experts you’ve assembled outside our firm to ensure you receive coordinated investment, financial, tax, and estate planning strategies.

Meeting with Clients
Law Consultation

Expertise-Driven Investment Method

Our approach is built on a foundation of the deep expertise of our portfolio managers who share their knowledge for the benefit of our clients.  We come from a variety of investment backgrounds: broker-dealer, investment counselling, mutual fund management, and trust investment management. This diversity affords us the opportunity to see the investment and planning landscape from different perspectives. We regularly share thoughts and expertise to identify opportunities both in investment and other areas of personal finance.  Your portfolio benefits from our best ideas and personalized approach, enabling you to find the right path forward to meet your goals.


Four Sources of Portfolio Value Creation

Our Equity Selection Process

We are long-term investors, rather than short-term traders.  We focus on companies with consistent earnings, which have proven to be the best fit for the long-term goals of our clients. We select stocks with reasonable market valuations based on their anticipated earnings prospects and patterns of strong earnings and revenue growth. Our investments tend to be leaders in the industry with high barriers to entry.

Our Fixed Income Selection Process

The primary purpose of fixed income in portfolios is to control risk. Secondarily, fixed income is used to enhance portfolio income. Depending on your circumstances and tax situation, we will structure a portfolio to balance risk management and cash flow generation. In constructing portfolios, we evaluate current and expected interest rates and economic conditions, as well as fiscal, monetary, and tax policy.

Our investment professionals welcome the opportunity to provide their expertise in creating the ideal strategy for your portfolio.

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